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Biography: Author Marcia Ribeiro Malucelli



Born in Rio de Janeiro, Marcia Ribeiro Malucelli is a writer convinced of her ideals and ideas, which are often complex and controversial. In 1994 she followed another direction and began writing MYSTERY and CRIME for young people named “Five Friends Collection” – Coleção Cinco amigos; Fio da Meada - a cybernetic mystery – Fio da Meada – Um mistério cibernético, Nickname: KRILILIK, where teenage hackers and friends unraveled everyday crimes in the , A revenge of a hacker – A vingança de um hacker.

For considering herself an eclectic writer she studied Philosophy to launch a collection of books of SCIENTIFIC and FANTASTIC FICTION which permeate theories of conspiracies, parallel worlds, millennial secrets, philosophy, mythology, mystical ufology, secret police and underground environments, and which lead the reader to travel through the investigations of Sean Queise, a young IT entrepreneur who has his life changed when he experiences the mysteries of life, including his. This collection is called “The Sean Queise’s Chronicles” – As Crônicas de Sean Queise, each book of the decalogy received a subtitle: E.N.I.G.M.A. Project – Projeto E.N.I.G.M.A., Codename: Sun Cruiser – Codinome: Cruzador Solar, Mars Dossier – Dossiê Marte, Confidential File # 10255 – Arquivo confidencial #10255, Hollow Earth Mission (Part 1 and Part 2) – Missão Terra Oca (Parte I e Parte II), Intimate Pact – Pacto Íntimo, Operation Time Keepers – Operação Zeladores do tempo, 'Contact!' Experience – Experimento ‘Contato!’, Plan Inter alios – Plano Inter alios , Factor Shee-akhan – Fator Shee-akhan, among others. In the years that followed, Marcia began a series of MYSTERY and TERROR books, involving a paranormal sculptural woman, who knows her true gift in crime scene sculptures. Presented under the title The Sculptress – A Escultora, each book in the trilogy received a subtitle: The Case of the Wandering Spirit – O caso do espírito errante, The Case of the 'City of Shadows’ – O caso do ‘Cidade das sombras’, The Case of the Sand Predator – O caso do predador das areias.

Marcia has more books engaged in the creative process, such as the collection Annabelle, Miss Detective – Annabelle, Senhorita detetive, dealing with controversial themes, already with six subheadings: If there is still tomorrow – Se ainda houver amanhã, Behind the mask – Por detrás da máscara, Young suicides – Jovens suicidas, As I calm down – Enquanto me acalanta, Prisoners of chemistry – Prisioneiros da química, Stone idols – Ídolos de pedra, among others.

In addition to the dystopic trilogy The Confraternity of Crime – A Confraria do crime, the book of TERROR In the Slow of Night – Na calada da noite, the book of SUSPENSE Riddler of Eleven – Charada dos onze, the book of EROTIC CONTENTS Lili, a contemporary woman - Lili, uma mulher contemporânea, the book of ESPIONAGE Of the 50s, Under the orders of the Dog – Sob as ordens do Cão, the SPIRIT book about reincarnation Eternally, Catherine – Eternamente, Catarina.

As well she scripts for cinema, TV, Internet and Theater, tales of terror in alternative magazines, invading areas of DRAMA in the form of novels, such as the book The Tamer of Snakes – A domadora de serpentes and the book A Man Almost Perfect – Um homem quase perfeito.



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